Some Basic Information about Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a new stock media agency launched by the famous company Adobe. Introduced a little over a year ago, its library is initially composed of over 40 million stock images from Fotolia. Now, the stock site has added at least 10 million of stock files, including HD videos. It also shows some unique features that are worth considering. Here are some basic information about Adobe Stock, you can also read review here:

  • With about 50 million stock assets, the stock site is considered to be one of the largest stock media bank already available today.
  • It is also one of the most accessible as it can be opened in most countries.
  • Available in 20 languages, you can find the assets you are looking for in your own words.
  • Adobe Stock also offers simple pricing – a la carte and subscription plans.
  • Integrated with Creative Cloud, it allows you to design comp images and license them easily after approval.
  • All images and videos come with a standard license, because the stock site does not currently offer extended license.

With Adobe Stock, you can purchase options that meet your creative needs and budget. You can buy a single image from $9.99 and HD or 4K videos from $79.99. Although they may be more expensive than other stock sites, it has unique features that are definitely worth the extra bucks. For instance, it is the only stock agency integrated with Creative Cloud. You can work on comp images and submit them for approval before you actually buy the license – saving you more time and money in the long run. Check here!

Subscription plans are also available in the stock site. For bigger budgets and creative needs, we recommend the 350 and 750 image plans. Both are annual plans, paid monthly. If you need more images, you can easily buy additional images for only $0.99 each. On the other hand, the 10 image plan is perfect for newcomers. It comes with a free month, so you can cancel your subscription risk free. Plus, you can rollover up to 120 images with renewal.

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